Purchase options, pickup and delivery

Can I pickup direct from the campus?

Yes. You can buy and pickup single bottles and any quantity of our beer direct from the Results Cafe on campus with or without pre-ordering. We are open 10am-4pm Tuesday to Friday.

How do I get my beer? Is it pickup or delivery?

At this stage it is pickup only from the Results Cafe.

Do you sell a variety pack or a combo pack?

Yes. Currently the Results Cafe sells a variety/combo 6-pack of 330ml beers and a variety/combo 4-pack of 500ml beers.

Where is the Results Cafe?

Find us at Regency Campus, International College of Hotel Management (ICHM), TAFE SA
137 Days Road Regency Park SA 5010. See our map here.

When Door to Door Delivery Shipping has commenced

Do you deliver 6 and 4 packs?

Yes and No. We only ship cartons but we may trial a combo carton that gives you more variety in the 6 and 4 packs in your carton. See below.

What is a Combo Carton?

If the trial goes ahead, you may also be able to make your own combo carton for delivery. A combo carton could be any 330ml 4×6 packs or any 500ml 4×4 packs. You could choose any selection of four 6-packs or four 4-packs including the variety packs, but we can’t combine different bottle sizes in any one carton for delivery. (Why? They just won’t fit properly in a carton and would get damaged in transit).